Analysis: Ryan Strome traded for Ryan Spooner in change-of-scenery move

On Friday, the Edmonton Oilers traded Ryan Strome to the New York Rangers in exchange for Ryan Spooner. Each club is hoping that its newly acquired player will be able to use his new home to jump up in production.

Strome moves on from Edmonton after playing only 100 games with the club, registering 36 points. He was traded for by Peter Chairelli in the summer of 2017 in in exchange for Jordan Eberle, who has gone on to flourish with the New York Islanders.

Spooner was a part of the Rick Nash deal at last year’s trade deadline. After having 16 points in his first 20 games as a Ranger, Spooner has only two points in 16 games this season. He has been pushed down the depth chart by the likes of Lias Andersson and Brett Howden, so a move was inevitable. 

Spooner provides Edmonton with an added layer of center depth (or on the left side), whereas Strome can slot in on the right in New York. Although a natural center, Strome started playing the right wing in 2014 next to John Tavares.

The deal is a worthy risk for both teams. Spooner has the skill and Strome has the draft pedigree, but it remains to be seen if either can put his skills to good use. Neither Spooner nor Strome have had a hot few seasons, so it will be interesting to see what a new system will do for both players.

In the end, it turns into a low-risk, high-reward deal for both Edmonton and New York. Although it will likely not work out for either team, it was a noble move by Chiarelli and Jeff Gorton. 

Based on pure skill and upside alone, the Oilers have the highest potential to win this trade. Then again, looking back on the trade tree, it is not a valuable return for Eberle.

Only time will tell how a deal like this will work out.

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